About - Alan Lai Photo Art

I am a Canadian, and Vancouver is my home. For study and for work, I have lived in many North American cities. When I was young, I learned and did some film photography, but didn't do much. For the first half of my life, I was devoted to academic pursue, I earned a doctorate from Columbia University in New York City. I am an educator, specializing in adult education, religious and cultural studies. When DSLR came along, I picked up photography again and fall in love with the artistic side of imagination. I love photographing landscape, that was how my love affair with camera begun.  Gradually I explored other areas of photography. I do wedding, head shots for models, and character poses.

My philosophy concerning photography is that it is an educator who inspires imagination, provokes justice, and it invites us to fall in love with the world. Photography is a spiritual practice. I understand it as an interpretative art, or some call it hermeneutics; it has no fixed boundaries.

I used to shoot with Nikon gears. Most of the photographs shown here were shot with D800 and D90. Recently, I have switched to Fujifilm mirrorless camera.  The 24MP X-T2 is my main body and X-T20 with the same sensor is my backup. I use mainly Fujinon 10-24mm f4 for landscape and Fujinon 56mm f1.2 for portraiture.  Fujinon 23mm f2 is my day to day street photography lens.

photo credit: Olivia

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