About - Alan Lai Photo Art

Hello my friends, thanks for visiting my webpage. I have Asian root, but most of my life I live in Canada. Either because of study or work, I have lived in Toronto, Quebec, Regina, Saskatoon, New York City; and now for the past 20 plus years, I call Vancouver home.  I am an enthusiastic hobbyist in true sense of the word. Yet, upon request I do portrait, family photos, weddings, and event. When I was young, I learned and did some film photography.  When DSLR came along, I picked up photography again and just fell in love with it.  Photographing landscape was how my love affair with cameras began, gradually I picked up portraiture and street photography.

Through this medium, I am inspired to pay attention to the world around me, acquire artistic visions to interpret what I am seeing, and to express myself through photo sharing. I used to be a Nikon full frame shooter.  Now I enjoy Fujifilm.  You can tell this is the sign of aging because I no longer want (or capable) to carry heavy camera bodies and lenses!

A little bit of my philosophy: Photography to me is an educator who inspires imagination, provokes justice, and it invites us to fall in love with the world. It is a spiritual practice, an interpretative art, or some call it hermeneutics; it has no fixed boundaries. Photography is about ways of seeing the world. 

photo credit: Olivia

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