I love photography, but I don't work full time as a photographer; and yet, I consider myself a good photographer. I am a Canadian living in Vancouver.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 1982, I came to Toronto as an international student. My goal was to pursue a university degree. At the time, I planned to return to Hong Kong upon graduation and to start high school teaching. I earned my university degree no problem, but I didn't returned to Hong Kong. I settled as a citizen in Canada. Of course, it didn't happened overnight! 

I have a full-time job to keep me alive. Often, I wonder: Should I pursue a career in photography? If I have asked this question earlier in my life, I most likely say I will. But I am not a guy who have good skills in handling the business side of things. I am happy to be a committed hobbyist.

I shot with film when I was a teenager using my father's Rolleiflex SLR camera. But the true  journey began in the year 2000 when I went and pursued a doctorate at Columbia University, New York City.  As a young professor soon after that, I felt the need to do something else in my spare time that was different from academic life. I re-picked up photography.

To me, photography is an art form that inspires imagination, provokes justice, and it invites us to fall in love with the world. It is a spiritual practice, an interpretative art, and it has no fixed boundaries. It is about ways of interpreting the world and the art of telling stories. 

The photographs in this website represent over 10 years of learning and experimenting with different genre of photography. I began with landscape photography, then ventured out to do portrait. In recent days I lend toward street photography as this genre comes closer to my academic training in cultural and educational studies. The photographs here were taken with Nikon D90, D800, D850; Fuji XT20, XT3, XT4, XH1, 100V and GFX50R.

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